Govil GHS


Govil GHS, LLC (GGHS) is a joint venture between GHS and Dr. Sandeep Govil. GGHS was initially launched to develop, own, and market healthcare computer software applications company owned by Dr. Govil and GHS.

Before going to medical school at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB), Dr. Govil had become an experienced software engineer with an engineering degree from Auburn University. After medical school, he was able to write his own practice management software and began marketing his product through a company he founded, eHealthFiles

After joining the team at JMC and opening up his own practice in Jackson, AL, Dr. Govil decided to partner with GHS through a 50/50 joint venture, and in January of 2014, GGHS was born. GGHS would develop and own the EHR software necessary for JMC to obtain a Level I Certification and receive Meaningful Use (MU) reimbursement from CMS. This has been accomplished, and through our off-shore software engineering back office, GGHS is in the process of developing and implementing the entire EHR software application required for JMC to gain all four phases of MU certification.

GGHS has a GPO product available for increasing purchasing discounts and has plans for the development of additional modules for purchasing and inventory management in hospitals and clinics. GGHS is a cloud based system with unlimited storage that eliminates the requirement to have substantial hardware debt.

In summary, the GGHS product offering has everything a hospital would need to seamlessly make a full electronic conversion at a much lower cost than what is currently being spent for fewer services. The GGHS product includes:

  1. Physician practice management software to include all modules necessary to run a small or large primary care or multi-specialty clinic, including AR billing and collection system, electronic medical records certified by CMS for Meaningful Use attestation, a scheduling system, and a full accounting package to include AP-GL-PR-bad debt collections.
  2. All five phases of the CMS EHR system for hospitals, fully certified by CMS.
  3. An inventory management and control system that allows multiple providers in multiple locations to combine their ordering volume in order to gain significant discounts not otherwise available due to lower volume.
  4. Hospital billing, accounting, inventory management, and direct order entry for all departments. 

This is only a brief sample of what GGHS is and what it will become. GHS is happy to provide more information on this opportunity and how you and/or your hospitals and physicians could benefit from participation. This website will continually be updated as new product offering becomes available.