About GHS


William Gilliard "Gil" McKenzie, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Gilliard Health Services

Gilliard Health Services, Inc. was founded by Bill McKenzie and his son, Gil McKenzie, back in 1981 to be the parent company for the now Evergreen Medical Center, LLC (EMC) and the now Jackson Medical Center, LLC (JMC) that Bill McKenzie had previously purchased. At the time that GHS was being formed, in June of 1981, Gil had just graduated from Troy University (previously Troy State University).

In 2010, Gil bought his father's interest in GHS. GHS is presently owned 94% by Gil McKenzie and 6% is owned by his three children's trust. Gil is the co-founder of GHS, majority stockholder, Chairman, CEO, and sole board member of the corporation. 

Since 1981, GHS has owned and managed a total of seven hospitals (six general acute care and one psychiatric hospital) located in the following Alabama cities: Evergreen, Jackson, LaFayette, Wedowee, Roanoke, Troy, and Montgomery. Five of these facilities have since been resold.

GHS is currently the parent company of four wholly owned subsidiaries and one jointly owned subsidiary. Govil GHS, a healthcare software company, is split 50/50 with Dr. Sandeep Govil, while two hospitals (EMC and JMC), a hotel (Sleep Inn & Suites), and a commercial property holding company (Evergreen Land, LLC) are wholly owned by the company. GHS has a small corporate office in Montgomery, AL where it monitors the performance of its subsidiaries.

GHS realizes the significance of having a culture that is grounded in an organizational philosophy with a mission and a set of guiding principles. Our mission, and reason for existence, is to serve as a vehicle for ownership, to generate financial returns through healthcare and other organizations, to provide highly valued employment opportunities, and to enable physicians, driven by expectations of stellar patient experience and outcomes, in their practice of medicine.

Furthermore, GHS seeks to own, develop, and manage healthcare facilities that are successful as a result of their belief in and adherence to an organizational culture based on our guiding principles. We believe in the importance of valuing and respecting our employees in a family-oriented atmosphere where the customer always comes first. We strive provide the best resources and tools to our physicians so they can exert top of the line care to their patients, with the best outcomes possible. 

GHS management consists of the following:

Gil McKenzie, Chairman and CEO of GHS

Tom McLendon, President of GHS, CEO and Administrator of EMC

Jennifer Ryland, Interim Administrator of JMC

Sharon Jones, CFO of GHS and EMC